We can't blame you enough for forcing us to make all these fucking wicked t-shirt designs, just for YOU. Honestly, it was time-consuming and exhausting, and for this we thank you. After 220 t-shirt designs, we will continue to release new shirts as we find ideas offensive enough for your tender taste and discriminating palate. We just wanted to say thanks for making us the least not-boring-douchbag site on the planet and that you're number 1! Which is far better than being number two; then people walk all over you...and have to clean off their shoe afterwards. Huzzah!
Visit our main site for our re-contextualized shirts or our slogan page, which has enough offensive content to wet granny's under-panties--visit our banned shirts page for the images we can't make in the US, and our gallery for larger images of all the past crimes against nature we've committed!


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